Framework Agreement to support the Activities of the
European Investment Bank Project
Advisory Support Team

Our consortium, lead by EuroPlus Consulting & Management, was awarded a Framework Agreement of the European Investment Bank, Lot 3 - Healthcare. The scope of the Framework Agreement is to provide to the EIB Project Advisory Supprot Team specialised support in the delivery of a number of high-quality consultancy assignments. The implementation of the Framework Agreement, under which individual assignments will be laucnehd, will be 48 months in a total value of 8.5 million euro.


Our consrotium will be providing services to support the preparation and implementation of projects in the field of health care sector succh as health care facilities and health care services. We will provide consultancy services to support preparation, implementation and management of projects that contribute to providing a variety of services, facilities and equipment to support the healthcare needs of the citizens in planning, project management, engineering, construction management, technology and equipment and operational support. The projects will also horizontal issues affecting more than one project and/or more than one country, such as assisting policy development and formulation process, development of methodological guidelines, model project approaches, PPP–grant blending or State–aid issues.

Description of themes

Planning: Providing advisory support in planning of healthcare facilities and services (for instance: development of functional medical concepts, capacity modelling, simulation modelling, functional relationships, schedules of accommodation, healthcare process design, business flow charts; providing benchmarking studies, option analysis, planning input for engineering studies; planning of manpower, quality systems; providing advices in setting up public private partnership models, staffing profile, industry practices; collecting, sorting, correcting and analysing sectorial data and similar)

Technology and Medical Equipment: Providing technical support in planning, procurement and installation of technological solutions and medical equipment4 (e.g. providing technology assessment, training; planning of medical equipment and supplies; advising on strategic technology and IT solutions, drafting tender documentation, tender management, commissioning, etc.).

Operational support: Providing support in operation of the healthcare facilities and services (e.g. providing transition plans, facility management manuals, sectorial/operational trainings; providing advices with regard to day-to-day management and operations, etc.)

Project Management: Assisting the beneficiary in governing projects and maintaining the project results (for instance: formulation of procurement strategy, project control systems, providing recommendations on the implementation modalities and on integration of different component parts that they fit together properly to make the intended purpose; delivering cost engineering, and scheduling services, providing technical assistance in monitoring the progress of the programme, providing strategic business and managerial advices with regard to implementation of major construction projects, legal advice on the matters related to the management of major construction projects, planning and monitoring of the move services, day-to-day implementation/operational support - specialist input in the areas of procurement and contract management and similar).

Engineering: Supporting the preparation and/or review of the complete documentation for capital investment projects (for instance: technical feasibility including demand and option analysis, technical design, tender documentation and similar).

Construction Management: providing support during the feasibility, design, construction, installation and operation phases of the construction projects (for instance: providing tender management, contract administration, commissioning, consultant management, facility planning, cash-flow management value engineering, claim management, construction scheduling services; coordination among different disciplines and contracts; monitoring the progress in order to avoid delays, changes and disputes; providing advices on constructability, project design, construction quality, resolving disputes, commissioning, permits, etc.).