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Our Work

You can read about projects realised based on the geographic area or on expertise where projects are grouped by sectors the projects addressed

Burkina Faso

Organisational Audit of the Ministry of Trade, Promotion of Enterprise and Handicrafts (2010-2011)
Proposal of new organisational structure adapted to the new economic and social challenges and to enable the Ministry to operate in a global environment and comply with existing international and regional Trade regulations.


Preparation of a twinning project fiche and provision of TA for the development of consumer protection policy and practices in Egypt (2009)
Support to the legislative and institutional development of consumer protection in Egypt, taking into account consideration of the of the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (ECPA) as the lead mandated authority at national level in addition to other relevant national regulatory and institutional framework.


Identification mission consultancy for the preparation of the 2nd phase of the EC-funded Agricultural Marketing Credit Programme (2007)
Development of financial services and outreach expansion in the un-served rural markets.