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You can read about projects realised based on the geographic area or on expertise where projects are grouped by sectors the projects addressed

South Africa

Development of non-accredited Budget Examination course material for Budget Analysts in National and Provincial Treasuries (2013-2014)
Development of an outcome–based training course on Budget Examination for departments and treasuries. The learning materials were developed with a strong public sector financial management workplace orientation to be infused with locally relevant (South Africa) case studies and exemplars.

South Africa

Assistance with Modification Piloting of a Personnel Forecasting Model(2013-2014)
Developing of a provincial Salary Forecast System Tool to allow to accurately forecast salaries and other material compensation of employees’ items (e.g. pensions, housing allowance, etc.) over the budget period. The model is used as monitoring tool on a monthly basis to accurately forecast the salary increase in-year. Provision of training for personnel actively involved in the budgeting process and the Salary Forecast System.


Technical assistance to prepare the public finance management annual monitoring report 2012 (2012-2013)
Drafting of PFM Annual Monitoring Report is to provide a view on the current status of the country's PFM system, describe recent PFM reform progress, assess the status of achievement of PFM reform programmes, and their impact on the public finance management quality. One particular issue of the assessment and monitoring report was addressing the impact of PFM reform measures at decentralised levels.


Technical support for effective mobilization and efficient management of non-tax revenue in Ghana (2012-2013)
Identification of Non-Tax Revenue potentials in Ghana (both existing and new sources) by identifying factors militating the ability of Ministries, Departments and Agencies to exploit their potential to generate revenue. Drafting of a national policy on non-tax revenue. Streamlining procedures and business process in not-tax revenue mobilisation. Improving transparency and management of Government of Ghana equity investments in state owned enterprises and joint venture companies.


TA for reviewing tender documents for the 2011 projects for the Tax Administration (2012)
Assessment of the current needs of the Tax Administration in Serbia and in line with the findings review of the project documentation in the area of tax collection and efficient human resources management.


Awareness raising, communication and training programme on the introduction of Result Based Management (2011-2012)
Training and capacity building in the area of change management and risks.


Assessment of the Public Finance Management System (2010-2011)
Elaboration of a public finance management monitoring report in line with the EC budget support guidelines.


Identification mission for a Public Finance Management Support Programme (2010)
Provision of support to the strengthening of financial management and accountability of local government units in line with national laws and regulations.

Sierra Leone

Institutional Strengthening of the Ministry of Finance (2009)
The objective of the project was by taking into account the monitoring mission reports and the mid-term evaluation to verify their observation and enhance their assessment in the areas of effectiveness, relevance, impact and correct implementation of the project from its inception to completion and examine the way in which it has contributed to the its stated objectives.