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Our Work

You can read about projects realised based on the geographic area or on expertise where projects are grouped by sectors the projects addressed


Preparation of Technical Assistance projects for developing Annual Action Programme 2015 to the Republic of Moldova in the field of Public Administration Reform and preparation of AAP 2016 for PAR and TCF (2016)
Support to the preparation of the Annual Action Programme 2016 in the field of complementary Technical Cooperation Facility. Drafting four Terms of Reference for the individual activities foreseen in the Annual Action Programme 2015 for Public Administration Reform, one Technical Specifications for the Action on National Bureau of Statistics and support to the tendering procedure.


Identification and formulation of a project to support the implementation of the Five Year Plan for modernisation of the administration and public enterprises (2016)
Assisting the EU Delegation in Tunisia in the identification and formulation of a budget support program to support the implementation of the Tunisian five-year plan and specifically the reform of the Tunisian public administration and public enterprises.


Mid-Term Review of the Deepening Decentralisation and Non State Actors Programme (DDNSA) (2015)
- Elaboration of an independent assessment of the performance of the programme, paying special attention to relevance, efficiency and effectiveness and to the potential impact of the programme against its objectives;
- Assessment of the delivery of the programme against its logframe, its accountability especially regarding the component linked to the Lesotho Development Grant, and potential achievement of the programme impact at project end;
- Identification of key lessons and propose practical recommendations for the remaining years of the programme and possible re-orientations and adjustments.


Support to the implementation of the CIB Institutional Reform Plan 3 "Strengthening civil service training in Azerbaijan with a focus on EU affairs" (2012-2013)
Identification of training needs and determination of priorities for the civil service training in general and crosscutting areas including development a methodology on how to conduct training needs analysis and on how to reflect the identified needs in training programmes; developing of the overall Civil Service Training Strategy; preparation of the Plan on full-fledged European Studies programme; Developing a concept for the Training Centre and the Centre of Excellence in EU affairs. Drafting ToR and/or Grant Call for Proposals for strengthening the capacities of the Civil Service Commission in the professional development of civil servants.


Technical assistance to the institutional support to the communities in Mayotte (2011-2013)
Operational diagnostic of technical services of the 5 communities and their optimizing. Provision of training, capacity building and evaluation and monitoring of the personnel capacities to perform their tasks.

Burkina Faso

Feasibility study of the technical support facility for the performance of the local authorities (2010)
Establishment of the current state and diagnosis of the situation in terms of support to capacity building of local authorities to exercise their powers of control authority as regards the prospects opened up by the transfer of skills.

Burkina Faso

Definition of a system of monitoring and evaluation of the decentralisation process (2010)
Elaboration of a manual of monitoring and evaluation for the local authorities.

Burkina Faso

Elaboration of a 10 year strategic plan for the modernisation of administration (2010-2011)
Formulation of strategies to render public services more citizen oriented, more efficient, better accessible and more transparent for citizens.


Technical Assistance for 10th EDF Programming for Social Sector Development (2011)
Preparation of programming documents for funding to be used for the development of the social sector.

Central African Republic

Diagnostic study and identification of a program of Human Resource Development in Development Initiatives (2010-2011)
Reinforcement of quantitative and qualitative human capacities to increase development initiatives among state and local authorities as well as non-governmental organisations and civil society.


Organisational audit of the Ministry of Interior and of the Ministry of Decentralisation and Municipal Development supported by the EC 10th EDF Programme for Good Governance in Burundi (2009)
Strengthening of the institutional capacity of the Burundian public services to provide more efficient and accountable public services and strengthening of mechanisms for democratic and social accountability.


Support for Preparation of the Capacity Building for the Sudanese Administration (2009)
Reinforcement of the efficacy, efficiency and impact of Sudanese administration policies on poverty reduction.


Preparation of ToR for the Technical Assistance component of the "Rehabilitation of Rural Schools and other Social Infrastructures in Ferghana Valley (2008)
Identification (based on the needs, poverty assessment and situation analyses) the target communities and districts where the schools will be rehabilitated. Capacity building for the local government, school administration and social workers of the targeted schools and districts in various aspects.


Conceiving and Initiating Public Administration Reform(2007)
Improvement of the interest, capability, commitment and resources of the Government of Syria to conceive, initiate and organise Public Administration Reform at a strategic level.


Preparation of ToR: Decentralisation Local Self-government Sector (2006)
Preparation of three ToRs for the CARDS 2006 annual programme projects in the Local Self-Government, based on the analysis of the past and ongoing programmes in the sector and taking into consideration the course of development of the Decentralisation process.


Technical Assistance to the Public Administration reform (2006)
Formulation of decision making, reporting and working procedures, organisational set-up, budget, finalisation of new IT system for financial and administrative management of all civil servants.


Public Administration Reform (2005)
Detailed analysis of manpower and wages and formulation of proposals for allocation of staff and budgets according to the division of competences between the central level and the decentralised island administrations. Drafting of new organisational charts and job allocation of the overall administration.