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Our Work

You can read about projects realised based on the geographic area or on expertise where projects are grouped by sectors the projects addressed


Technical Assistance for a comprehensive needs assessment of short and medium term actions as basis for an enhanced EU support to Turkey on the refugee crisis (2016)
Establish a needs assessment report as strategic document for the programming of further EU support to Turkey encompassing short- to medium- as well as long-term actions, to address the needs of the refugees and the host communities through all available financial instruments.


Institutional Capacity building of the Ministry of Political Development (2009 2010)
Increase participation of civil society in the public policy making process. Building capacities of the Ministry to effectively implement and supervise projects and programmes aimed at supporting the civil society.


Preparation of a twinning project fiche and provision of TA for the development of consumer protection policy and practices in Egypt (2009)
Support to the legislative and institutional development of consumer protection in Egypt, taking into account consideration of the of the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency (ECPA) as the lead mandated authority at national level in addition to other relevant national regulatory and institutional framework.


Conceiving and Initiating Public Administration Reform(2007)
Improvement of the interest, capability, commitment and resources of the Government of Syria to conceive, initiate and organise Public Administration Reform at a strategic level.