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You can read about projects realised based on the geographic area or on expertise where projects are grouped by sectors the projects addressed


Technical Assistance for a comprehensive needs assessment of short and medium term actions as basis for an enhanced EU support to Turkey on the refugee crisis (2016)
Establish a needs assessment report as strategic document for the programming of further EU support to Turkey encompassing short- to medium- as well as long-term actions, to address the needs of the refugees and the host communities through all available financial instruments.


Mid-term evaluation of the project Support to the reduced risk of insecurity and instability in parts of the northwest and southeast Niger (2015)
The objective of the evaluation is to present to the external services of the European Union, the partner government, and, where appropriate to the general public:
- An independent overall assessment of the results achieved by the intervention “Support to the reduced risk of insecurity and instability in parts of the northwest and southeast of the Niger", focusing in particular on the results achieved by the project and on the overall objective of the program;
- The main lessons learnt from the intervention while making make recommendations to improve current measures and possible future actions.


Support to budgeting of Migration Policy of the Kingdom of Morocco and identification-formulation of the EU's support programme for migration policies (2016)
- Establish satisfactory conditions for identification and formulation and to support the Moroccan government in the formulation of a medium-term, total or partial budgeting in the area of migration policies;
- Support to the Moroccan government in identifying sectors dealing with migration policy to meet the conditions for budgetary support.


Final Evaluation of Support to the Office of the National Security Adviser (2016)
Undertaking a final and independent and high quality evaluation of the IcSP action "Support to Nigeria’s evolving security challenges" which falls under the remit of the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) of the European Commission.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Formulation of the 11th EDF Justice programme (2015-2016)
Defining precise outlines of the EU intervention strategy in the justice sector to be funded by the 11th EDF during the next five years.


Support for the definition of modernization of the justice sector strategy to Comoros (2014-2015)
Assistance to the Ministry of Justice to elaborate its sectoral development strategy based on which programs and project proposals will be made focusing on the improvement of the performance of the sector. Elaboration of a three-year action plan for the justice sector.

Ivory Coast

Evaluation of "Support to the Reform and Modernisation of the Judicial and Penitentiary System in Ivory Coast" and EU Support to the Justice during 2011-2015 (2016)
Present the relevant external cooperation services of the European Union, the Government, and, where relevant, the general public with the:
- overall assessment of the results of the project
- appreciation of the general support of the EU to the justice sector in the Ivory Coast during 2011-2015
- overview of the lessons learnt and drawing recommendations to improve current and future actions.


Compliance review for Sector Budget Support Programme "Internally displaced people IV"(2014-2015)
Assessment and provision of detailed review of the implementation of the EU Sector Policy Support Programme "Support to conflict affected / displaced population and host communities in Georgia", in accordance with policy reform conditions and indicators set forth in the policy reform matrix for 2013 and 2014 in order to assess the level of disbursement for the 2nd and 3rd Budget Support tranches.


Support to the launch of the justice reform (2013-2014)
Support to the Ministry of Justice to establish an institutional framework for operational and independent reform. Support to the implementation of activities to revise the related laws and reform of judicial and penitentiary. In coordination with the EU contribution to launch of a new Programme to support justice reformed funded by 10th EDF.


Preparation of Feasibility study and Technical specification for supply of equipment (2013-2014)
Elaboration of a feasibility study including a list of the applicable legislation and other relevant documents. Carrying out of a needs assessment for the specialised equipment for the administrative, physical and IT safety of the classified information and data created and processed in the Centre for Suppression of Organized and Serious Crime. Needs assessment for the specialized equipment for the implementation of the Risk analysis model and detection of the illegal border crossings within the Border Security system of the MoI. Elaboration of technical specifications for supply of equipment.


Support to the design of PE I and Project strategy for the Programme to Promote Maritime Security (MASE) (2013)
Drafting of an outline of a strategy for the remaining Programme Estimates in line with the 10th EDF PRAG and the guidelines of the Financing Agreement, TAPs and Annexes, with particular attention paid to the procurement plan for forensic equipment.


Technical Assistance to the Access to Justice and Legal Education Component of the Governance Programme (2012)
Provision of overview of the tripartite legal system (modern court judicial system, cadi courts and customary law system) as well as the alternative dispute resolution system. Elaboration of analysis of the current legal education system and its effectiveness.


Elaboration of the penal code (2012)
Based on the applicable documentation, field work and discussions with a wide range of stakeholders elaboration of a penal code.


TA for preparation of Technical Specifications for the IPA 2010 Support to the Implementation of Intelligence Led Policing (2012)
A conduct of a needs assessment/feasibility study, preparation of Technical Specifications and a conduct of training needs assessment for the implementation of Intelligence Led-Policing methodology throughout the Kosovo Police.

Eastern Europe

Study for an EaP Integrated Border Management Flagship Initiative project (2010)
Design and prepare action plan for the IBM and establish inter agency cooperation and coordination in the area of IBM .


Support to the Ministry of Justice – Preparation for the Justice Reform Support programme (2008-2009)
Provision of assistance to the Government of Azerbaijan in the preparation of the Justice Reform Programme through institutional, administrative and legal expertise. Monitoring of progress in the regional justices system, establishment of the Academy of Justice and the Penitentiary System.


Institutional Capacity Support to the Ministry for Communities and Returns (2005-2006)
Outline a strategy of implementation to assist the Ministry of Communities and Returns in the areas of information handling, co-ordination with stakeholders including other ministries and municipalities as well as the wider donor community and neighbours in the region.