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Our Work

You can read about projects realised based on the geographic area or on expertise where projects are grouped by sectors the projects addressed


Exploratory Mission (ExM) to Gabon (2016)
Assessment and reporting to the European External Action Service (EEAS) and the European Commission (EC FPI) whether a deployment of an EU Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) to Gabon for the forthcoming Presidential Elections would be useful, advisable and feasible. Moreover, the ExM produced specific documents containing clear information and recommendations ahead of the HRVP's decision on the deployment of a possible EU EOM and/or an EEM.

Ivory Coast

Support to programming of 11th EDF in the sector of governance (2013-2014)
Elaboration of an Indicative national programme including. Analysis of civil society including human rights institutions indicating possible future interventions in line with other donor providers. Analysis of conflict (sources and dynamics of conflict, responses to confrlics, opportunity for intervention). Analysis of electoral framework and proposal of ToR for technical assistance for election reform. Analysis of human rights.


Identification and formulation mission for support to 'Rule of Law, Accountability and Anticorruption in Ghana' under the 11th EDF(2014)
Undertake a broad assessment of various interventions in the areas of accountability, anticorruption and justice to avoid possible duplication, identify possible synergies and draw lessons learned from past experience. Formulation of a detailed programme design, including objectives, purposes, activities, expected results, implementation modalities and delivery mechanism (project vs pool funding; the use of programme estimates, contribution agreements, grants, service contracts, works contracts, supply contracts) and budget.


Final evaluation of PARSET Programme to support the reform of the electoral system (2011)
Evaluation of programmes carried out to support PARSET taking into account the results achieved.


Assistance for in the area of electoral operations and logistics (2010-2012)
Technical assistance to election preparations and logistics necessary to ensure the election process is efficient, transparent, credible with security in place.


Institutional Capacity Support to the Ministry for Communities and Returns (2005-2006)
Outline a strategy of implementation to assist the Ministry of Communities and Returns in the areas of information handling, co-ordination with stakeholders including other ministries and municipalities as well as the wider donor community and neighbours in the region.