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Our Work

You can read about all our projects or by selecting them according to geographic area or a sector.

South Africa

Evaluation of the Youth Empowerment through Culture and Sport Programme (YEP) (2015-2016)
Producing an independent evaluation of the Youth Empowerment through Culture and Sport Programme (Financing Agreement DCI-AFS/2009/020-372).


Facility for Civil society and communities (2016)
Improving the impact, durability and synergy of the interventions implemented by the Civil Society Organisations and the Communities in Cameroun benefiting from grant contracts financed by the European Union in Cameroun.


Role of the non-state actors in the sectoral governance mapping of non-state actors (2012)
Building a working knowledge of non-state actors in their field of intervention and mapping of the NSA in 2008. Identification of key actors and networks influencing governance and performance in key areas of intervention of the European Union in the country.


Support to Non-State Actors in Mozambique: Strengthening the Mutual Accountability. Formulation mission (2011)
Provide an inventory of institutionalised and non-institutionalised modes of interaction between Government and civil society.


Institutional Capacity building of the Ministry of Political Development (2009 2010)
Increase participation of civil society in the public policy making process. Building capacities of the Ministry to effectively implement and supervise projects and programmes aimed at supporting the civil society.


Better access of the Roma community to the health care Health Field Workers (2005-2007)
Improvement of the access of the marginalised population to the health care. Awareness raising among the target population in the area of healthy lifestyle, hygiene, prevention of drug abuse, maternity, parenthood, childcare, and importance of vaccination.