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Our Work

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Technical assistance to prepare the public finance management annual monitoring report 2012 (2012-2013)
Drafting of PFM Annual Monitoring Report is to provide a view on the current status of the country's PFM system, describe recent PFM reform progress, assess the status of achievement of PFM reform programmes, and their impact on the public finance management quality. One particular issue of the assessment and monitoring report was addressing the impact of PFM reform measures at decentralised levels.


Support to the implementation of the CIB Institutional Reform Plan 3 "Strengthening civil service training in Azerbaijan with a focus on EU affairs" (2012-2013)
Identification of training needs and determination of priorities for the civil service training in general and crosscutting areas including development a methodology on how to conduct training needs analysis and on how to reflect the identified needs in training programmes; developing of the overall Civil Service Training Strategy; preparation of the Plan on full-fledged European Studies programme; Developing a concept for the Training Centre and the Centre of Excellence in EU affairs. Drafting ToR and/or Grant Call for Proposals for strengthening the capacities of the Civil Service Commission in the professional development of civil servants.

ASEAN / Belgium

Visibility preparation, support and delivery between May and end-October 2010 for the ASEM 8 Summit, Brussels (2010)
Proposal and implementation of a work plan for the ASEM8 visibility. The proposed plan enhanced ASEM visibility and awareness.


Identification mission for a Public Finance Management Support Programme (2010)
Provision of support to the strengthening of financial management and accountability of local government units in line with national laws and regulations.

Eastern Europe

Study for an EaP Integrated Border Management Flagship Initiative project (2010)
Design and prepare action plan for the IBM and establish inter agency cooperation and coordination in the area of IBM .


Support to the Ministry of Justice Preparation for the Justice Reform Support programme (2008-2009)
Provision of assistance to the Government of Azerbaijan in the preparation of the Justice Reform Programme through institutional, administrative and legal expertise. Monitoring of progress in the regional justices system, establishment of the Academy of Justice and the Penitentiary System.


Preparation of ToR for the Technical Assistance component of the "Rehabilitation of Rural Schools and other Social Infrastructures in Ferghana Valley (2008)
Identification (based on the needs, poverty assessment and situation analyses) the target communities and districts where the schools will be rehabilitated. Capacity building for the local government, school administration and social workers of the targeted schools and districts in various aspects.