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EuroPlus Consulting & Management

Europlus Consulting and Management provides high-quality services and assistance to the implementation of international projects funded by different donor agencies including European Union, United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, USAID and the African Development Bank. Over the years, we successfully implemented a number of technical assistance projects requiring different type of expertise. We have been and continue to be involved in a number of European Commission framework contracts. EuroPlus is based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Geographically we focus mainly on Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Neighbourhood region. EuroPlus offers strong project management capacities both for technical assistance projects and EU framework contracts.


We have implemented a number of projects in the following areas:

  • Public Sector Management
  • Institutional Development
  • Public Administration Reform
  • Decentralisation and Local Self-government
  • Public Finance Management
  • Development of Civil Society
  • Support to Democratisation Process
  • Project Management and Implementation

Current job opportunities

EuroPlus is involved in implementation of large technical assistance projects as well as European Union framework contracts (Beneficiaries) for Lot 7 and Lot 12.

To increase the quality of our projects we highly consider qualified and committed professionals of different levels of seniority to cooperate with us.