EuroPlus Consulting & Management

Offering expertise in Public Sector Reform

EuroPlus Consulting & Management is a consultancy company delivering high quality services to government institutions mostly in transition and developing countries. Over the years of its activity, EuroPlus and its in-house experts have carried out a number of international, regional and local assignments.

Within the framework our assignments we delivered technical assistance, built capacities of mostly public institutions by means of training, conferences or study tours. We evaluated a large number of projects, drafted Terms of Reference and carried out programming missions.

Our expertise

UNDP Conference Burundi

Public Administration Reform

Over 30 years of expertise in delivering tailored support to public administration reform mostly in Sub-Saharan African, Middle East and Asian countries.

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Justice & Home Affairs

Drafting of national legislation. Elaboration and evaluation of programmes focused on national security, border management, justice and penitentiary.

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Support to minorities

Drafting policies and providing direct assistance to disadvantaged groups in the area of education, health, mutual tolerance and thus strengthening their position in the society.

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Environment and Sustainable Development

Implementation of projects focused on environmental issues, natural resources, climate change, green economy and agriculture.

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Refugees and IDP's

Needs assessment of refugees and hosting communities confronted with refugee influx and evaluation of programmes of donor agencies provided for refugee affected areas.

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Support to Civil Society

Capacity building of the state and non-governmental organisations to strengthen participation and capacities of Civil society in policy making and implementation.

Where we excel

EuroPlus implemement various types of projects and programmes requiring specific expertise and experience. Each of them requires specific procedures and approaches to be applied. Over the years of its existence EuroPlus has generated a vast body of experience which enable us to fully respond to expectations of each donor agency we are working with.

Technical Assistance

Usually longer-term assignments, highly technical and specifically targeted, the technical assistance is available to help stakeholders implement programmes and projects. We have implemented various TA projects within our areas of expertise and are actively seeking to establish associations with other organisations where could actively contribute by providing our in-depth expertise and managerial skills.

Framework contracts

Framework contracts is a provision of mostly short terms assistance with shorthern contracting process to which pre-selected consortia are regularly invited. EuroPlus is involved in the following FWC.

  • Lot 1 - EC - Sustainable management of Natural Resources and resilience
  • Lot 3 - EC - Human Rights, democracy and peace
  • Lot 4 - EC - Human development and safety net
  • Lot 4 - European Investment Bank - Smart growth, social infrastructure and Horizon 2020 (acting as consortium leader)
  • Organisation of conferences and Study tours

    We have over 15 year of experience of organiastion of conferences, study tours, workshops focusing mostly on human rights, environmental issuses, climate change and regional development. We provide full service from logistics to all the technical issues including identification of stakeholders and determining a detailed programmes to provide a balanced knowledge sharing and partnership building.

    Grant management and evaluation

    We have sound experience in grant preparation, managemnet and evaluation.

    Our Clients

    Having successfully delivering projects for various donor agencies we are fully conversant with their approaches, policies and implementation processes. This facilitates our dialogue and understanding of the project expected outcomes leading to successful project implementation from a project initial phase until its administrative closure in line with expectations of each agency. EuroPlus and its inhouse experts have worked with the following agencies: